Dramatis Personae

Thomas/Evnissyen/Misfit Marjorie/Sweeney J./@domtopnotary/@secondbacchus: Your humble narrator.

Alan: My present-day roommate, co-worker and future goat farmer. [Category: Kith and Kin]

Amelia Nitrate: My drag alter ego.

Boss: My boss.

The Boz: Published author and all-around dirty hippie. Also my first sober roommate. [Category: Boztime]

The Co-Witches: My covenmates (not to be confused with the Witch Boys, an elite strike force of CyberPagans I know from Twitter).

Alan and Douglas: Not actively hating each other since November.

Douglas: My ex-boyfriend-cum-bestie, with whom I have a toxic and codependent but otherwise hilarious relationship. Check back often to see if we’re currently speaking. [Category: Catman and Legion]

The Gay Dads: A well-to-do homosexual couple who adopted me in early sobriety, and who occasionally employ me as a general handyman and live-in dog sitter.

Master Cross: My non-sexual rope bondage associate. Long story. Film at 11. [Category: Knots and Crosses]

The Misfits: A venerable, Houston-area leather fraternity and nonprofit organization of which I am the newest member. Notable brothers include Angelo, Damien, Doc and Dude with Pierced Nipples Whose Name Escapes Me. [Category: Trouble Incorporated]

Sarah L. Crowder: The tea to my bickies, who has been my best friend for more than 20 years, and who miraculously doesn’t need Al-Anon despite this fact.

Simon D: My sponsor in recovery; possibly the Devil.