About the Name

In 1916, humorist Don Marquis debuted a character named Archy in the “Sun Dial” column of the New York Evening Sun newspaper. According to Marquis, Archy was originally a free verse poet, but he passed away and was reincarnated as a cockroach, ostensibly as punishment for his progressive poetry.

Every night, Archy would write letters on Marquis’ typewriter by jumping from key to key, and Marquis would dutifully publish them. On at least two occasions, Archy ended a letter with “yours for the second coming of bacchus” [Ed. Note: Archy couldn’t operate the shift key] which highlighted both Archy’s bohemian worldview and possible drinking problem.

Like Archy, I’ve undergone a bit of a reincarnation myself. Since that process involved facing my own alcoholism as a practicing Witch with a penchant for Greek and Roman mythologies, Archy’s valediction resonates with me on a number of levels, so I swiped it as nifty blog title.

Hopefully, neither Archy nor Bacchus will mind.