Got Squat?

The incomparable Co-Witch A. (aka Trothwy) is blogging again. Please rejoice along with me.

The used key is always bright

Got Squat

When you’re a parent and and witch, you rather hope your offspring will follow in your footprints.  But — just as it should be — my son has always been his own person, with his own path to follow.  One that doesn’t usually coincide with mine.

So it was a proud day when I came upon my son looking up dirty nun jokes on the internet.

Before you start hitting your back button, take heart.  It all had to do with Squat, the Goddess of parking spots.

My son explained he was entering the lottery for a parking place at school (there aren’t enough spaces for everyone).  And he needed to appeal to Squat, Goddess of parking places, for Her help.

Awww … it makes a Mother proud.

And in case you don’t know Squat, the folks that call upon Her swear She’s very helpful.  I understand from my…

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2 thoughts on “Got Squat?

  1. Delightful! Have not heard of the Goddess Squat before but any spell that requires a dirty nun joke is a-okay in my book.

    In such situations, I pray to the Urban Goddess Ashphalta. “Hail Ashphalta / Full of grace / Help me find a parking space.” Works every time!

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