I Am My Own Worst Mogwai

[A text conversation between myself and Cross.]

Me: “I had a dream last night that you and I were sitting around bored and trying to think of something to do, which I’m taking as a sign that we should go do something.”

Cross: “Dance naked around a fire?”

Me: “Again?”

Kidding aside, I left out the part of the dream in which two dragons — the stronger one being part polar bear and able to shoot ice from the sarlacc at the end of its tail — broke into Cross’ house and started beating the shit out of each other. It wasn’t particularly relevant to the discussion, and it kind of lends itself to more pointed interpretation than is necessary.

Also, while dancing naked is underappreciated as a national pastime, I really just wanted to rent a movie and order Chinese food, and I feel like telling Cross about the dragon thing might discourage him from letting me eat after midnight.

Is this my most inane post to date? I vote probably.

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