Let’s All Be Bacchae Together

It recently occurred to me that other than Christopher, Debra, Sarah, Thalia and Veles, I have no idea who’s actually reading this blog. And seriously, if it’s just those five, I am totally okay with that — they’re pretty much my favorite Internetians.

However, my stats show around 40 visitors a day, so I know somebody’s checking out this site, albeit anonymously. (And I do not do anonymous encounters anymore, guys. That’s old behavior). So yeah, feel free to post an introduction in the comments and let me know how you stumbled across me, because I for one am very happy you’re here.

PS: I do know that Alan and Douglas both read this, but that’s only because I send them links any time I write about almost every time I write about whenever I write nice things about them. Right now, I’m more curious about who’s reading my blog of their own free will.

34 thoughts on “Let’s All Be Bacchae Together

  1. Moi. NemesisDuJour. Gulf Coast turn coat and now proud Massachusetts Yankee. I did my time. Don’t judge. Trying to resurrect my blog; will share soon. Retired GLTB activist. A gay man trapped in the body of a functional lesbian. Politely pissing off the ill-informed for over 50 years!

  2. I pop in from time to time. Finding myself missing my witchier days a lot lately, and I stumbled across this incarnation of your blog through Veles as well (I think? Either that or twitter). In any case, hi 🙂

  3. I was a longtime fan of the Lover of Strife blog, and have been casually stalking you & Veles ever since. I briefly tried a blog of my own, but I just didn’t have a talent for it. When I read on his blog that you had a new one, I rushed right over.

  4. I found you byway of the Bloggess about a week ago. To be honest it was the same day I found her after reading her book for about the fifth time. I am now trying to convince my husband to send me to Houston in September so I can meet you both at once. (Is that too stalkerish?) I am a pagan with a few mental issues of my own and I adore your dark sense of humor. Be well and please keep writing you are keeping me sane.

  5. I found you through Veles both times. Your blog has caused me to draw weird looks from those around me due to cackling

  6. LOVE the anti- Evil Eye thingies up there; I’m kind of obsessed with them myself and am in fact right now wearing my earrings with the blue eye beads, the ones I wear when I have to deal with my vampiric mother. They seem to help.

    I see you linked to My Super Sekrit Blog up there; normally I’d be all *homg are you trying to out me as a lunatic!?!* but these days all I can manage for some reason is a *meh.* Do or do not, wev.

    Seriously, *so* glad to see you back.

    • Eek! I meant to link to Amused Grace. Sorry about that! (And ironically, I just ordered a pair of anti-Evil Eye earrings myself. I’ll send you a pic when they arrive.)

  7. Found either you at Lover Of Strife or Veles from….Ms. Graveyarddirt, I do believe. And found the new blog via Veles. I am sorely tempted to see if you need a fanged vagina sculpture to go along with your winged penis…..

  8. Hi! I’m Angi. I found you through The Bloggess. I’m a lot more interesting on paper than I am in real life. I’m a polythiestic pansexual polyamorist which would pretty much make me the most hated person in the world around here, if I were the type to discuss my personal life in public. I am an aspiring writer with four college degrees, none of which I use. Instead, I work night shift in disability services. So, that’s me. Thanks for being you, fabulous, entertaining you!

  9. I know, I know. I should calm down & let the Otherkin/phantom penii/ Drangonriders Of Pern have their delusions. But you’re a nicer person than I am. I’m the cranky old bastard who’s just missing a shotgun & a rocking chair.

  10. I’m also reading your blog. Interesting stuff 🙂 I like to see the world from a perspective that differs from my own.

  11. I found you through The Bloggess sort of coincidentally while starting my baby pagan education a few weeks ago. I’m going at it mostly solo, in South Georgia, without even a Lady Crushed Velvet to help(?) so I like to keep up with you!

  12. Vagoo is a good word. My current favorite term for penis is doodle noodle, and both came from a thread on Regretsy about someone’s homemade looseleaf douche tea. Highlights included “homemade cooter rooter”, “hillbilly bajingo wash”, and a stirring rendition of “My Vagina” set to the tune of “My Sharona”.

  13. Another reader that came from The Bloggess. Think I’ll be adding you to my list of blogs to read when it’s slow at work and I’m here from 5-8 on the late shift. 🙂

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