Fluffy Bunny Under Glass

[Ed. Note: This is a reworked post from my original blog, Lover of Strife. However, Deborah just posted on the subject, so I figured I’d trot my own dusty take back out for review.]

bunnyteethThe phrase “fluffy bunny,” or “fluff-bunny,” is one oft bandied about in the NeoPagan community. Roughly translated, it means “people whose practices and/or beliefs are somehow less serious and/or sillier than mine.” It’s a derogatory term, and let me tell you, the Pagans hate the fluffy bunnies… but only because said Pagans secretly suspect that they’re fluffy, too. And they’re deathly afraid someone “legitimate” will call them on it.

Has anyone ever read a book called The Mole People, by Jennifer Toth? If not, check it out sometime: it’s an in-depth, first-person study of the homeless people in New York who inhabit abandoned subway tunnels, and it’s beyond fascinating. Thing is, none of the underground homeless actually refer to themselves as “mole people”; that’s an appellation reserved for the tunnel denziens who live in the levels below them. Even when you get down to the lowest man-made tunnels, the groups living there have stories about devolved “mole people” who live even further down.

It’s the same situation with the fluffy bunnies. No matter how much a given Pagan may worry about his or her personal fluff factor, there’s always someone fluffier in the levels below to act as a target for judgment and scorn. The legends will continue, of course, and at some point in your life, you might even spot one yourself; but as a definable, persecutable group, fluffy bunnies simply do not exist.

ETA: Testify.

2 thoughts on “Fluffy Bunny Under Glass

  1. This toxic need in the pagan community to denigrate anyone whose beliefs/practices are not exactly the same as their own has always disturbed and distressed me. Tolerance is the highest spiritual value and pagans all too often demonstrate very little of it.

  2. thats why I appreciate specificity in language. Bullshit artist is so much more specific when you’re dealing with someone trying to tell you how their “tradition” is so much more older/real/powerful/truthful then yours.
    Or when someone tells you that Athena would love dildos blessed in her name.
    Or that Hestia is the ideal goddess for blessing wedding rings for a happy marriage
    or that Appalachian folk magic is the real source behind Goofer Dust
    Or that the Diloggun calls upon the guiding mermaid spirits to speak through the shells.
    Or that the older more cosmic laws they follow are Egyptian and Babylonian
    Or that the 8 pointed symbol on a snaked haired female image, carved into a clay tablet and buried in the earth is calling upon Inanna, Queen of heaven, cause Inanna and Hecate, SAME THING

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