A Beautiful Mind 2: Revenge of the Nash

Douglas: “Ugh, it’s almost midnight. We’ve been on the phone for an hour and a half again.”

Me: “If you and your boyfriend ever get married, do me a favor and don’t call me on your wedding night. We’ll end up talking for three hours about the caterers or something, and I don’t want to be responsible for ruining your honeymoon.”

Douglas: “…”

Me: “What?”

Douglas: “You’re the third person this week to bring up marriage or commitment ceremonies in conversation with me. I wonder… I wonder if that’s a sign…”

Me: “You know what else? I was reading a newspaper article yesterday, and the first letter of the article was ‘w’, and the author’s first name was Edward. And on the second page of the article, there was a reference to ‘the sound a bell makes,’ which is ‘ding’. W-ED(ward)-DING. WEDDING. THE NEWSPAPER SAYS YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED, DUDE.”

Douglas: “I AM NOT THAT BAD.”

Me: “Yes, in fact you are.”

Douglas: [resentful silence]

Me: “But hey, look at the bright side. Russell Crowe is going to play you in the movie.”

Douglas: “I hate you.”

Me: “As well you should, my pet. As well you should.”

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