Belated Salutations and a Toast with Club Soda

Right after I got sober (in July 2012; remind me to tell you about that), I decided to start a new blog. My original site, Lover of Strife, had run it’s course, and it didn’t feel appropriate to keep updating a blog that specialized in drunken misadventures. I wanted a fresh start, and I wanted to keep a record of my journey as a sober Pagan, which, I thought, might serve as encouragement to any other polytheistic types out there dealing with alcoholism and/or other addictions.

The only hitch was that I wasn’t sure if I could stay sober. I had anxious visions of inspirational posts followed shortly thereafter by “Oops, because bourbon,” so I gave myself three months to test the alcohol-free waters: If I could remain sober that long, I could start writing again.

I did make it to three months (no one was more surprised than I was), which stretched to six months, then a year, then onward and upward, until I found myself rounding the bend towards the start of Year Four. Which, honestly? Holy Gods, people. A lot of incredible shit has gone down, some of which still elates me and makes me laugh, and some of which still hurts like effing hell. But all of it happened, and I… didn’t write about any of it.

Fortunately, I wasted a buttload of time with thoughtfully explored other forms of social media during this period. As such, there are random scraps of my experiences blowing around the Internet, which means this blog is going to grow in odd directions: I’ll be adding current posts from here on out, but I’ll also be backdating some pieces I cobbled together from old tweets and status updates, and I’ll try to remember to say something whenever I do that. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading them, and I’ll enjoy assembling them, and we’ll get along like anemones and clownfish*.

So with all of that business out of the way… hi. I used to call myself Evnissyen, but lately I’ve been going by Sweeney J. I’m a priest, a witch, a recovering alcoholic and a beleaguered manager of gated townhome communities, and I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance.

Happy Early Vernal Equinox, guys.

Welcome to The Second Coming of Bacchus.


4 thoughts on “Belated Salutations and a Toast with Club Soda

  1. Congrats on your sobriety! I’m glad that your life is on the upswing. “Keep working your program,” as they say.

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