Comedic Restraint

Rope Bondage Instructor: “So now that we have a better understanding of kinbaku, let’s move on to the basic form of shibari, which is called takate-kote.”

Cross: “Takate-kote?”

Rope Bondage Instructor: “Yes. Takate-kote.”

Cross: “Wasn’t that the name of the main character in Roots?”

[somewhere between 5 seconds and 7 hours of awkward silence]

Rope Bondage Instructor: “Sorry, what? I didn’t catch that.”

Me: [face buried in hands] “NOTHING. He said nothing.”

Thing is, Cross had made the same joke to me earlier in the day, and I’d laughed my ass off, leading him to the conclusion that the entertainment value would be universal. Regardless, it was an excellent seminar, and on another bright note, Cross is now fully aware of the gaping distance between what I think is funny and what actual humans think is funny.

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